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Here I am!

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Everyone knows "Here I am" should be my line. Unlike Kinoko's "Here I yam" or Maria's it's-a-me.

AND everyone knows the Princess Peach Avvie should be mine.

Sushiechan said I could have it and I want it. That is why I joined, because I want the Princess Peach Avvie.

Because look. My usual Avvie is all fuzzy here because it isn't meant to be this big.

So where is my Princess Peach Avvie? I want it. I WANT IT!

Sushiechan said we can squiddle here, so I am assuming we can throw teensy tantrums too. I know they aren't allowed at the Blue Camellia Club since the Dru-Bird stalks the pages, albeit silently.

But here - in the freedom of squiddledom - I can ask for my Avvie very prettily.

And if I don't get it I can SCREEEEEEEeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAM!

Nicht wahr?

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Pricess Peach Court, Maria Tennis
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crazy crazy
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On July 15th, 2006 02:16 pm (UTC), ashinbrigid commented:
Poor tiny blonde dear! I'm sure you could just save Miss Sushuri's onto your account, since she did say you could have it.
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