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Quote: "1. See the documentary on television 2. Take seven years to…

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"1. See the documentary on television
2. Take seven years to get over the shock
3. Search for Aristasia and find it
4. Telephone and be terrified again by Miss Alice Trent (not that she is terrifying if you have been good but - well, speaking to her before one knows what to do or say is terrifying for even the hardiest of brunettes)
5. Go to school
6. Mount white charger and rescue mushroom in distress
7. Become a full-time Aristasian."

Full quote http://www.bluecamellia.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=184

See? THIS, girls, is what the journals are for: the unfolding of true, real stories with all their attendant mystery, their everyday drama.

I, for one, am PERISHING to know more. What, for instance, happened at the end of that 7-year-long slumber? Was Miss Juliana awakened by a kiss? When the right sort of kiss has been judiciously administered, perhaps one may be inspired to set forth on one's greatest quest.

And what was terrifying about Miss Alice Trent? Was it something that she said? How I'd love to read all about that call! And how brave Miss Juliana must have been to take that fateful first step by calling her.

What was it like, going to school? What was distressing the poor mushroom, and how was the rescue accomplished?

But cruel Miss Juliana only teases us with joking little references. Phh. These brusque brunettes: what CAN one do about them?

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On July 14th, 2006 10:58 am (UTC), ashinbrigid commented:
Re: A gracious response to a gracious request.
What a delightful story, Miss Juliana! I had a similar type of very-long-wait until I realised the whole "Hmm, I rather like girls who are girls and not bee-oh-whys!" bit, but obviously I've gotten past that. ;-)

And what a charming bit about the Blonde in Distress. I do love hearing stories like that, and hope we'll perhaps hear more about your escapades on your own journal?
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