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Quote: "1. See the documentary on television 2. Take seven years to…

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"1. See the documentary on television
2. Take seven years to get over the shock
3. Search for Aristasia and find it
4. Telephone and be terrified again by Miss Alice Trent (not that she is terrifying if you have been good but - well, speaking to her before one knows what to do or say is terrifying for even the hardiest of brunettes)
5. Go to school
6. Mount white charger and rescue mushroom in distress
7. Become a full-time Aristasian."

Full quote http://www.bluecamellia.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=184

See? THIS, girls, is what the journals are for: the unfolding of true, real stories with all their attendant mystery, their everyday drama.

I, for one, am PERISHING to know more. What, for instance, happened at the end of that 7-year-long slumber? Was Miss Juliana awakened by a kiss? When the right sort of kiss has been judiciously administered, perhaps one may be inspired to set forth on one's greatest quest.

And what was terrifying about Miss Alice Trent? Was it something that she said? How I'd love to read all about that call! And how brave Miss Juliana must have been to take that fateful first step by calling her.

What was it like, going to school? What was distressing the poor mushroom, and how was the rescue accomplished?

But cruel Miss Juliana only teases us with joking little references. Phh. These brusque brunettes: what CAN one do about them?

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On July 15th, 2006 06:52 pm (UTC), adele_poppy commented:
Re: A gracious response to a gracious request.
Dear Miss Juliana,

Thank you for your very kind response to my capricious demands. I reread my post and am a little ashamed that I sounded so petulant. But not very ashamed; not enough to "take it back," as they say.

While it is extremely gratifying to be showered with compliments and attention--I can think of few things as gratifying as attention and compliments, and, really, you are very generous with both--my curiosity, like the Elephant child's, remains 'satiable as ever.

But now you dust off your hands, say to yourself, "Well, that's out of the way," and you vault back onto your white steed and charge off to do other brunettish, checklisty things. Don't deny it. That's how it always is with brunettes; just when one is ready to settle down for a long cozy chat (with the multitudes of little details so beloved by the blonde heart) they suddenly have to get unfathomably practical.

So, are there other pettes in elektraspace as wonderfully qualified to tell of their growing involvement in Aristasian society, however gradual or intermittent the process may have been? I tend to think there are, given the literary abilities exhibited so far by...well, by all the the fabulous Moderatresses of http://www.bluecamellia.org/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=1, for example. And so many of them are blonde, hallelujah.

But, aside from "The Feminine Regime" with its regrettable "niche" emphasis on punishment--oh, we all understand why it was necessary--there are no books that describe a maid's fascinating ascent into Aristasian life. None that aren't couched in fiction, anyway. I yearn to hear the real stories! Or maybe fictional ones couched in reality. But you know what I mean: the details. Powdered, perfumed, softly and sweetly tumultuous, warm, girly details!

And not that sort of detail, either. I want the interesting sort of detail, the sort that tells of awakening to, and then overcoming, the adversities of living in the blank grave of the Pit, and the flowering of one's true self in Aristasia, of those enormous momentous, invisible internal challenges and adventures one must face.

Could someone please write about all of that? Thanks.

I'll just sit here quietly and wait for it.

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